Alpha Epsilon Pi - Delta Rho Chapter


Delta Rho is a thriving chapter and we have many ambitious projects. Internally and externally we strive to constantly improve ourselves. This momentum is not possible without the generous support of parents, alumni, and individuals that believe in our cause.

In the chapter we find a way for every brother to contribute. In the same way, there is an opportunity for everyone to help - support can be monetary, physical, or service based.

Below a few of our current projects are highlighted.

Delta Rho Scholarship Fund

The cost of college is not an easy one to bear for most families. Our chapter is starting a scholarship fund to offer to incoming freshmen that support our mission of building Jewish leadership. While the chapter is actively contributing to this fund the support of others would allow this fund to become a permanent and sustainable project.

Chapter Room Remodeling

The chapter room is where we host many meetings, events, and where brothers can go to have a place to bond with their brothers in a casual manner. Everything in this room is from either a family donation or was built by brothers. Currently we are working to secure new couches - some of which were old when we received them years ago.


As an organization we regularly purchase promotional items such as clothing, plaques, and more for our various events and campus-wide activites. As such we are always on the lookout for companies to handle this business. It has been our experience that partnerships between friends of the chapter are mutually beneficial.


Prepare for an event like none other. Alpha Epsilon Pi's annual T24 Tennis Marathon will be a night (and day) not easily forgotten. Participants will be playing doubles tennis for 24 hours straight, while new events will be going on hourly, including midnight snacks, breakfast, and a Doubles Tournament that will be open to all of campus. Come out for a just a few minutes or as many hours as you like, but be sure not to miss this monumental event! Please visit our T24 site here.


The Delta Rho chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi is proud to announce our 2nd annual Soupathon event will be taking place on Thursday March, 8th 2012. The Soupathon is a philanthropic event where we will have all you can eat soup at the chapter house. To learn more and donate to our cause, please visit our Soupathon page on our national site.