Alpha Epsilon Pi - Delta Rho Chapter

Local History

Small Beginnings

On May 4th, 1995 , under strict supervision of the Supreme Board of Governors, they were inducted as the first pledges of our beloved Fraternity. Marc Leber was elected the first Master, Jeff Markowitz as Lieutenant Master, Ryan Frank as the first Scribe, and Chad Levine as Exchequer.

Dues were set to $54.95 for the first two months in commemoration of the date. The Colony name was unanimously selected as Delta Pi. This name was selected as such for the following reason; Alpha Pi was the nearby Temple Chapter whom we had close ties to in our beginning. Alpha Pi and Delta Pi seemed logical. But more meaningful, the greek letter Delta represented 'Drexel' and Pi represented 'Philadelphia'. However, on May 22, 1995, the Colony name was changed to Delta Rho because Delta Pi was discovered to be the name of the inactive Utica College Chapter. Delta Rho was selected to most represent what the founders believed to be the unique ideals of the new Colony.

As Founding Fathers, this small group of men shared the responsibility of creating a fraternity focused on a dream. This vision was to provide a home away from home for Jewish students at Drexel. In addition, they saw Alpha Epsilon Pi as a means of building character and leadership, promoting academics, and developing social and athletic skills.

The first philanthropy project was a success. The Fraternity attended a Jewish fair in Bucks County and passed out information about Tay-Sachs Disease. As a result, the group managed to land a picture in the Jewish Exponent, a local paper.

On Thursday, June 22, 1995, Marc Leber, Jeff Markowitz, and Ryan Frank were initiated into the brotherhood of Alpha Epsilon Pi at the Temple Chapter house. Finally, on July 30, 1995, Chad Levine and Marc Wintjen were initiated as brothers. This concluded Colony activity until September 1995.

A Great Start

September 1995 opened up a new school year with many goals set in mind. Rush was the priority. The Alpha Pledge Class: Mike Sachs, Erik Feldman, Mitch Steinberg, and Eugene Layvant were initiated as brothers November 15, 1995 at the Penn Chapter house. In the Spring of 1996 elections resulted in Chad Levine as the new Master, Marc Wintjen as Lt. Master, Jeff Markowitz as Scribe, and Mitch Steinberg as Exchequer.

Aside from attracting new members, the Executive Board had to conquer the tasks of gaining both University and IFC recognition. A presentation was made to the Greek Alumni Board and Student Life Administrators in April, 1996. On June 11, 1996, the Delta Rho Colony was granted one year probationary school recognition.


On March 10, 1997, a lengthy proposal was made to the Interfraternal Council, comprised of the 13 other fraternity chapter presidents at Drexel. Assisting the Colony officers were advisors Seth Gillston and Larry Sernovitz. Later that night, we received probationary recognition by greater than 3/4 vote. Following that, in June, 1997, the University administration voted unanimously to grant Alpha Epsilon Pi full recognition.

Well into accomplishing our required recognition goals, the Delta Rho Colony was chartered as the Delta Rho Chapter on March 1, 1998. The emotional ceremony was held at the University City Sheraton. Over one hundred friends, family, and National Officers attended. The Charter was presented by Supreme Master Gary Shapiro. The acceptance speech was delivered by then Master, Marc S. Leber.

Finally, on April 6, 1998, a follow-up presentation was made before the IFC. That night, the presiding officers of the other thirteen fraternities at the University granted Alpha Epsilon Pi full Interfraternal Council recognition by a 13-0 vote.

The Chapter Grows

In September 1999 we moved into our new house at 204 North 34th Street.

In August 2003 at the 90th annual International Convention, the Delta Rho Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity was awarded with the Outstanding Chapter of the Year award. Out of over 100 chapters, the 8 year old chapter (one of the youngest to win ever) was awarded the highest honor a chapter can gain.

The Jewish Relief Agency program was also introduced to our chapter in 2003. Our chapter continues to maintain a healthy relationship with them, and you can learn about more information by clicking here.

The Chapter Today

Today, the Delta Rho chapter can share many recent accomplishments. In the 18 years since our founding we have initiated over 400 men. This is our 20th year, and we are planning a 20th year celebration.

Since our founding, the Chapter, with the strength of the current brotherhood has moved forward to achieve even higher successes. As we continue to grow, our ambitions will carry forward in the years to come. As the brothers of today seek the brothers of tomorrow, Alpha Epsilon Pi will be able to carry its message to future college generations. True to the ideals expressed in the motto emblazoned on the coat of arms, we leave behind us the legacy that is ESPONDA.

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