Alpha Epsilon Pi - Delta Rho Chapter

Fall 2015 Rush

September 28th
7 PM Volleyball & Barbecue
September 30th
7 PM Hookah & Hummus
October 2nd
7 PM Shabbat Dinner
October 4th
1 PM Eagles Watch Party
October 8th
7 PM Casino Night
Invite Only Preference

Rush AEPi

The Brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi share more than just letters, we share a set of ideals. While AEPi is neither a discriminatory nor a religious organization, it is the ONLY international fraternity with a commitment to develop the Jewish leaders of tomorrow. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages as well!

If you have any questions, please email Rush Chairman Philip Schuss at

The AEPi House is loctaed at: 204 N. 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104

Why Go Greek?


But even more it is a brotherhood which soars high above the casual friendships. It is often too intangible to explain.

Personal Development

One can only develop fully when one has an opportunity to interact with others...the education of self in relation to others.


Fraternities embrace very basic ideals built on psychological and sociological concepts. It comprises ritual...a pin...a belief in some of the finer things this world can offer.

Pursuit of Excellence

Excellence in responsible behavior and citizenship to combat the moral jungle. Membership is not for any and all - but for those who are willing to set common goals and aspirations.


Students become actively involved in programs with particular interest in their needs. Young people are going to be leaders; almost nowhere is leadership training offered today as it is in fraternities.

A Home

A home away from home. Somewhere to feel that you belong.

Scholastic Help

Fraternities seek to help individuals develop scholastically to their utmost - providing encouragement, study facilities, and upperclassmen who help as tutors if desired.