Alpha Epsilon Pi - Delta Rho Chapter


Welcome parents of Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers and pledges! Below is a brief but thorough explanation of all the benefits of being a brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi.

What is Alpha Epsilon Pi?

AEPi is a mens social fraternity founded with the mission of building the Jewish leaders of tomorrow. We are part of a thriving national fraternity that enhances the college experience both academically and socially.

How does one join?

A student can join the fraternity by first getting to know the members (a period called "rush" and then a period of new member education "pledge".

The rush period is simply a few weeks where the fraternity hosts events that allow potential members to interact with current members and become familiar with the organization. Examples of events include dinners, laser tag, Shabbat services, and more. All events are alcohol free.

The pledge period is a program where new members learn more about the organization, meet all of the brothers, and get a feel for what it is like to be a full member. Examples of programs include retreats, event planning workshops, study sessions, and tours of the campus in relation to other Greek organizations.

What about hazing? Isn't that part of the pledge program?

There is absolutely no hazing in Alpha Epsilon Pi. All programs in the pledge process are designed to familiarize the new member with the fraternity and build positive bonds. Hazing is absolutely prohibited and if at any time members feel uncomfortable they can call our national headquarters at 1-800-ACE-AEPi and speak to our national staff. There have never been any allegations of hazing lodges against our chapter since it was formed.

It does cost money though?

Yes, being in fraternity costs money. Much of these funds go to our national organization to support the many leadership initiatives, programming, and administrative costs including insurance.

The majority of the money stays with the local chapter and goes towards subsidizing programming and food. All money is budgeted before each term and the chapter reviews the allocations and votes on them before any money is spent. Chapter leadership also applies for many grants and scholarships to add to our funding without charging the brothers more money.

Why should my son join?

The answer to this question depends on the person, but in general being in a Greek organization enhances the college experience and continues providing a benefit long after graduation.


Our chapter allows members to stay connected (or to connect for the first time) with their Jewish heritage and culture. All religious activities are optional and fun. We have members that are orthodox, conservative, reform, and secular. Our policy is to provide students with the opportunity to explore and enjoy their culture on their own terms. We host everything from rabbi chats to holiday dinners to fundraisers for Jewish charities.

Social Interaction

Greek life offers the opportunity to meet hundreds of people from varying majors and ages that you would not normally meet.


The average Alpha Epsilon Pi member at Drexel has a higher GPA than the all-mens average. We provide tutors, study sessions, and time management workshops along with rewards for classroom acheivement to help our members succeed academically.


Fraternal on campus housing is available for our members.


Alpha Epsilon Pi prides itself on bringing out the best in all of its members. Pledges and brothers set personal goals for themselves and are responsible for working towards these goals. Whether it is good grades, losing weight, or learning a new language we push our members to excel in every way. Our brothers learn to lead here and run many student organizations as a result of this experience.


Our vast alumni network allows for easier co-op placement and many job opportunities after college. No matter what your major we can help you get the job. We also host regular resume workshops and mock interview sessions to prepare our members for the world after college.

I've heard lots of bad things about fraternities, I'm still not sure if it's the right choice for my son.

There are a lot of stereotypes about fraternities and Greek life in general. Alcohol, drugs, hazing and more are sensationalized in the media and in TV shows. This is not how it works at Alpha Epsilon Pi. I encourage anyone with concerns to contact me personally and I can arrange to show you around the house, introduce you to some other members, or just discuss on the phone more detail about the fraternity and what it is really like – not what the media uses to sell stories. If you'd prefer I can put you on the phone with my mom – she thinks it's the best thing that has ever happened to me – Jared Hurwich, Past Master (